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We* want to create a network to ensure a higher presence of the under-/misrepresented in the performing arts. In doing so, we* particularly want to bring together people with similar experiences with regard to power structures in the theater business. The starting point for founding the ISaT was the realization that work situations that are perceived as unpleasant are not isolated cases, but are structural. The feedback received through the exchange of experiences with oppression and exclusion, that you are not alone, can (again) strengthen self-confidence and open up possibilities for action. That's why we* first want to bring theater makers together and create spaces to talk to each other. We* want to counteract isolation and make structural (oppressive) mechanisms recognizable and tangible as such – and not as a problem for individual workers.

We* want to achieve this with the help of various events. The aspect of decentralization is important to us. Network meetings are to take place at various locations throughout the German-speaking theater area (keyword: solidarity comes to you!). When setting up the national network, we* would like to take stock and collect as many different reports of experience as possible on structural violence in the theater in order to derive possible courses of action. At the same time, we* are building a website that will also create location-independent networking and exchange opportunities. Furthermore, we* would like to work with mentors and mediators who can be contacted through meetings and the website.

In further steps, we* would like to develop and offer workshops - in person and as webinars - on empowerment and alternative work structures, as our own events, but also as part of festivals and other occasions. Furthermore, we* would like to get in touch with institutions and theater management as well as political decision-makers and work together with them on concrete implementation options. In addition, we* would like to offer (theater) institutions strategic advice.

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