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  We are currently developing a diverse workshop landscape in order to be able to respond to different contexts and needs. Under the working title softe transformationen, offers for hierarchical work are to be developed. We also want to offer support for processes of structural change.


Until we're done, we're continuing to offer our introductory workshop How to be an Ally, which explores privilege and solidarity action. We're also open to context-specific requests and would love to see if we can put something together that suits you. In order to reflect multiple perspectives in our workshop practice, we always hold our workshops in pairs, with one person speaking from a perspective experienced in racism and one person from a non-cis male perspective.

We use this title as a working title and would particularly like to point out that the term "softness" is read both empowering and problematic from various experiences of marginalization. In connection with the contents of the workshops, we primarily mean the meaning of the word "gentle", "in small steps", "lovingly critical".

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